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Mary Meeker Internet Trends POV

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In the attachment (same pres. in the link) is Mary Meeker's internet trends presentation, if nothing else it has that mega macro data that you are sometimes looking for. Mary got famous at Morgan Stanley and now works at the Mother of all VCs Kleiner Perkins in Silicon Valley.

Sometimes its nice to look at primary data rather than media reports of what is going on. Below is summary created by Mel Exon of BBH...

World view:

• Though still with some ground to make up, it’s striking the number of Chinese and Russian internet companies popping into the global top 25.

• What’s more, between 2007 and 2010 China accumulated 246million new internet users – that is more thanexist within the USA.

Mobilising the people:

• Mary notes that even in recessionary times breakthrough technology and services can breakout. One need only look at the extraordinary first weekend sales of Apple’s iPhone 4S to confirm this.

• 2010 QTR 4 saw more mobile devices (which includes Tablets) sold than PCs and signs that Smartphone sales outstripping feature phone sales in US/EU

• That said. still enormous unconverted user base with 835 million Smartphone users against 5.6 billion mobile device subscribers.

• Apple getting plenty of headlines right now, but it’s Android mobile devices with the remarkable quarter on quarter ramp up – jumping from 20million to 150million units shipped in between quarters 7 and 11 post-launch.

• Global mobile success story continues with app/ad revenue up by a factor of 17 between 2008 and 2011 to a figure of $12billion.

Touchy, feely:

• Meeker calls out the latest trend in the evolution of human computer interaction being from text command lines to graphical user interfaces (GUI) to natural user interfaces. Yes, Steve gets a name check too.

Cash is no longer king?:

• E-commerce story continues to be one of growth through tough economic times but plenty of room to grow.

• Again the big story is growth in mobile commerce with ebay and PayPal doubling or more their gross mobile sales/payments since 2010.

• The uplift in mobile e-commerce activity has been of particularly benefit to local commerce through the plethora of location aware discount offer aggregators.

Power to the people:

• Meeker identifies overarching mega-trend as the empowerment of people via connected devices.

• She references the Twitter traffic patterns post Japanese earthquake, the fact that 200million Indian farmers currently receive government subsidy payments via mobile devices and 85% of global population are now covered by commercial wireless signals versus 80% being on electricity grid.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

anti guerrilla campaign

IPA in the UK announced grand prize winner to Lowe UK for a campaign to reduce guerrilla activity in the jungles of columbia (farc). It seems to have been mostly experiential with backsell. Kind of a wild example.
Client was the gov't/military of columbia.

Friday, September 16, 2011

What Are They Tracking

If you are interested in the macro view of what companies are tracking, here is a topline survey.
Generally its evolving slower than expected.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Rely on the young for creativity
The student winners at Cannes Ad Fest sell space in their acceptance speech to fund their trip.
Wish I had thought of that. Necessity is the mother after all...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stats on Mom's Use of Smartphones for Shopping

Forget about "how many" as that's just a matter of evolution. What I liked about these stats was that it showed WHAT the early adopters are doing with their smartphones. Or at least what they report doing.

That 20% of younger smartphone moms are tracking sales with the device is, for me, an interesting benchmark. To a degree we might assume that people will continue to spend their time engaged in similar proportions as smartphone penetration, comfort and easy-to-use apps grow.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mixed Drink: Bought, Owned and Earned Media

This is a thought provoking article on the cutting edge of Social Media. Even admitting that bought, owned and earned media are blurry, overlapping concepts its still useful to think of a media mix in this way. The key is thinking about how each helps fuel the others.



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